On Saturday 13th May, Miranda Gore Browne (cookery writer and Bake Off Finalist) and Gillian Higgins (international barrister and meditation teacher) will open the doors of The Mindful Kitchen Company in Lodsworth to welcome people in to bake together, eat together and learn simple breathing meditation techniques that can be used to enhance wellbeing and reduce stress at home and in the workplace.

A typical day on retreat day begins at 10am with a welcome introduction and refreshments. Before preparing the bread for the day, we discuss the benefits of mindfulness meditation and share a short practice together. Beginners are particularly welcome and no equipment is needed.

Having weighed the ingredients and kneaded the bread, it's time for a walk in the forest and a forage. After a guided sound meditation outdoors, we return to base for a warm drink by the fire pit in time to check the dough, bake and share lunch.

In the afternoon, there's time for another mindfulness practice with a question and answer session on the day's events with Miranda and Gillian. Cake decorating in time for afternoon tea brings the day to a close with a period of reflection. Take home your own edible goodies and mindfulness practices. If you would like to come along and enjoy a quiet moment for yourself, please get in touch. Website coming soon. 

Price: £150

April Early Bird Price: £125