On 13th May, The Mindful Kitchen Company will open its doors at The Kitchen School in Lodsworth, West Sussex. Miranda Gore Browne (Bake Off Finalist and cookery writer) and Gillian Higgins (international barrister and meditation teacher) will be using baking and breathing techniques using mindfulness meditation practices to restore calm. The Retreat welcomes beginners in particular to come and bake bread, learn meditation techniques, share lunch and decorate cakes. 

For those who have not practiced mindfulness meditation before, it can be best explained in the words of Jon Kabat-Zinn as the "paying of attention on purpose in the present moment and non-judgmentally - and as if your life depended on it." In his book "Mindfulness for Beginners", he explains that "Most of our lives we are absorbed in doing: in getting things done, in going rapidly from one thing to the next, or in multitasking - attempting to juggle a bunch of different things at the very same moment." He explains that "This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness reminds us that it is possible to shift from a doing mode to a being mode through the application of attention and awareness. What is more, we cease exhausting ourselves so much as we learn to inhabit our own body and the only moment in which we are ever alive - this one." Mindfulness meditation allows us to use an anchor to the present moment, such as the breath, and to return to our anchor every time the mind wanders off for example into thinking, worrying or planning. The return to the anchor, with kindness to ourselves, is the meditative process, which in turn, helps us to engage our "rest and digest" nervous system and feel a sense of calm.

Come and join us at The Mindful Kitchen Company on 13th May to learn more about the practice of mindfulness meditation and learn new baking skills in the idyllic setting of the village of Lodsworth in the South Downs National Park.

Time: 10-4pm

Location: Lodsworth, West Sussex

Cost: £125 early bird April price or £150

Contact The Mindful Kitchen Retreat to reserve your place