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Baking and Breathing at The Mindful Kitchen Company on 13th May

On Saturday 13th May, The Mindful Kitchen Company opens its doors for the first time. Miranda Gore Browne (Bake Off Finalist and cookery writer) and Gillian Higgins (international barrister and meditation teacher) will be welcoming people in to make bread together, eat together, cake-decorate and learn some simple mindfulness meditation practices to reduce stress and increase wellbeing.

One of the simplest definitions of mindfulness meditation is that it is a practice of paying attention on purpose in the present moment and non-judgmentally. In a guided mindfulness meditation practice on retreat, we may choose for example to use our breath as an anchor to the present moment. Our mind will wander off into thinking, planning or worrying, and when it does so, we can notice where it has wandered to and gently bring it back with kindness to our anchor point, namely the breath. In essence, this is the meditative process.

Teacher and scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn tells us that when we start to practice mindfulness meditation, “it is very important not to build some kind of ideal about your mind not wavering or being absolutely stable in order for you to be “doing it right”.  Mindfulness meditation is not about trying to stop thoughts or push them away, but rather about building awareness of the present moment, just as it is.

If you would like to come and bake, cake decorate and learn some mindful breathing practices at The Mindful Kitchen Company from 10-4pm on Saturday 13th May in Lodsworth, West Sussex, then please get in touch through the website to reserve your space.

Date and Time:          Saturday 13th May, 10-4pm

Location:                    The Kitchen School, Lodsworth, West Sussex

Price:                          £125 April Early Bird or £150